Here is a list of all the possible ranks and their corresponding extra rights and possibilities.

Male Title Female Title Notes
Streetbum Wench All new players start with this rank
Follower Follower At this rank you can rob money trucks
Delivery boy Delivery gal From this rank on, you can use the notepad
Henchman Henchwoman
Pickpocket Pickpocket
Smuggler Smuggler At this rank you receive $ 10,000 cash for your prestige every day
Swindler Mistress At this rank you can deprive respect points from other players
Petty thief Petty thiefess
Shoplifter Shoplifter
Thief Thief From this rank on, you can hide your online status
Hustler Hustler At this rank you get the safe for free
Burglar Burglar
Dealer Dealer
Stripclub Owner Safe breaker
Informant Informant
Gang leader Miss Evil
Godfather Godmother The highest rank, which will only be reached by very few players. No one is more powerful!

In the status bar you can view your present rank and progress towards the next level. This bar is constantly updated. When the bar is full you will rise a rank.

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